5 aggressive things to do in bed

5 aggressive things to do in bed

It is not uncommon for women to want their man to be more aggressive in bed. Also, it's not uncommon for men not to really know how to be more aggressive in bed. That's why I decided to write this article on 5 aggressive things to do in bed.

If you are a man who wonders what to do to be more aggressive in bed, this is the one for you. If you are a woman who wants your man to be more aggressive then you can just share this link with your man.

Being aggressive in bed is not the same as being abusive

Before we get into the specific things you can do to be more aggressive in bed, I want to first state that by aggressive I obviously don't mean that you should physically hurt your woman in any way.

Being aggressive in bed means taking the lead and physically guiding your woman safely . This has nothing to do with inflicting pain. Instead it's about helping your woman live out her sexual desires About her.

Since many women are sexually submissive, they love it when the man leads them dominantly into the bedroom. However, it is important to point out that this only applies to a sexual reality. Regardless of how they want you to behave in the bedroom, during the day they still want you to treat them with the same respect as ever.

Now let's take a look at the different aggressive things you can do in bed.

Physically guide your partner

Physically taking charge and guiding your partner is a great way to be more aggressive in bed. You can do this by physically moving his body. For example, if you want to change your position, physically move his body to the new position without hesitation. This way he will feel your natural strength as a man, most women love it .

You can also physically guide her during foreplay. An example of this would be pushing her against a wall or door while pummeling with her and then picking her up and throwing her on the bed. But even things as small as taking her hand and bringing it to the bed are great.

If you find it difficult to physically guide your partner, taking a salsa class is a great way to learn how to guide a woman.

Being good at driving physically and also good to have high sexual confidence .

Become more aggressive by commanding your partner

Another great way to be more aggressive in bed is to start commanding your partner during sex . You can order her to do things at the same time you physically drive her. But you can also command it instead of driving. You unapologetically tell her what you want her to do, when you want her to do it and how.

Start with little things like telling her you want her to let go. So increase your assertiveness by adding dirty words.

Commanding your woman will add more aggression in the bedroom and thus make sex hotter for her. But beyond that it will also make sex better for you, since you are actually instructing your woman on how you like her.

Talk dirty to your partner

Dirty talking with your partner is a very aggressive thing to do in bed. You can combine this with commands, but also just talk about how dirty you feel. When talking dirty it's important to start slowly and then, depending on your woman's response, build it up.

To be on the safe side, you can start with things like "so beautiful" and "you're so fucking hot". Depending on your woman's reactions and as she gets more and more aroused, you can become more direct and dirtier .

Once you've done that, the following phrases are examples of dirty talk you can use or get inspiration from:

  • my hard cock is so deep inside you
  • you like to be fucked hard
  • you are my personal little slut
  • you like being fucked like a slut
  • you have the face of a cocksucker

He fucks his partner aggressively

Another great way to be more aggressive in bed is to fuck your partner hard. Sure most women love to make love softly, but most women also love to be fucked hard .

To fuck her hard it is obviously important to use deep and fast strokes. Being able to fuck a woman with fast, deep strokes for a longer period of time without cumming can often be difficult for us guys.

The best way to avoid cumming when you fuck her hard is to make sure you stay relaxed. Take deep, relaxing breaths as you fuck her hard.

Other aggressive things to do

To provide even more mental stimulation when you fuck hard with your partner, you can also add the following several aggressive things:

  • Pin your hands to the bed. While you fuck her, you keep her hands pinned to the bed.
  • Beat her ass . It works best in doggy style. Some women like it while others don't, so give it a try and see what kind of reaction you get. However, you're not slapping them to inflict pain, but the sound it makes and great mental stimulation for women who like aggressive things in bed.
  • Take her by the hair . While you fuck your woman, you take her by her hair. Keep the grip close to the hair roots so as not to cause annoying pain. When you have your woman's hair in a vice, you can also add even more aggression to her by pressing her head against the bed.

Use BDSM tools

If you want to be even more aggressive you can also add some BDSM tools to the mix. They can be things like restrictions, like different types of handcuffs or bandages. Or tools like paddles and whips. If you don't feel ready to buy this type of thing but still want to try it, you can also just use what you have at home.

Ties and scarves are perfect for both tying up your girlfriend and depriving her of her sight. By using the things you already have at home, it also feels a little more spontaneous. Regardless of whether you use special BDSM equipment, tying up your woman is a great way to be more aggressive in bed.

Don't forget to talk to her after the intercourse and the preliminary interview

It doesn't matter if you're having rough sex or just regular sex, after and always have talks. Speaking of what you enjoyed the most , next time you will have even better sex and an even more satisfying long-term sexual relationship.

However, if the sex is particularly violent or aggressive, the talk after sex is even more important. Talk about the experience. Reassure your woman that you enjoyed sex and make sure she feels good about it.

If you are planning on having BDSM or particularly violent sex, you should also have a preliminary interview. In this talk you decide what is good and what is not.

Learn to fuck her like she's never been fucked before

Aggressive sex is a way to spice up your relationship with your partner. However, it is only a small part of being an extraordinary lover. She learns to fuck her in ways she has never been fucked before.

There's no reason you shouldn't get good in bed.