Pornstars: here are the 10 most clicked in the world

Pornstars: here are the 10 most clicked in the world

The quarantine is long , monotonous and, above all, with the passing of the days, unless we apply ourselves with strict rules and a very specific hygiene and food order, we inevitably fall prey to total confusion . Thus, in most cases, we eat at previously unthinkable times and, especially at night (since the alarm is silent in the morning), we get very late.

Now, seeing that 'boredom' plays tricks, a sort of ' adolescent freedom ' is reacquired , where time finally grants space and freedom previously occupied by various responsibilities and duties.

And as several news agencies have reported, one of the most 'curious' consequences - but not that much - is that in Italy visits to hard dating sites have grown by over 25% . Even more then the views of portals entitled to hardcore movies , with a very precise order, as if to retrace a sort of ranking that encompasses the most followed pornstars in the world in its entirety.

But who are they?

Since this week we have therefore decided to dedicate ourselves to this sector , let's say a 'niche' - actually more popular than you think - by getting to know the 'very desired' protagonists of this 'secret' carnal world up close.

Now, given the incredible surplus of traffic recorded in the entertainment portals at 'tre ics' ( xxx ), we have chosen Pornhub: one, because unlike the INPS site (which went haywire in an hour), this server it can easily endure something like 40 million contacts a day and, two, for the extraordinary completeness of its contents, which are all easily manageable.

Moreover, Pornhub draws up a series of rankings of preferences of genres, and contexts, as well as the one that interests us: the pornstars most followed by users .

Given that now on Sunday we will focus on each actress, with a wealth of details (measurements, private life, fil, free time), in the meantime today we see together who they are and how they appear in the top-ten of the most 'clicked', these beloved young people of sculptural feature.

Just to give an idea of ​​the reliability of this ranking, the fact that the first three positions are occupied by three undisputed 'stars' of the genre , each of which is very popular everywhere.

1) In spite of her barely 23 years (she was born in Chicago on September 6, 1966), as well as for her 'undisputed skills' told by the films she plays, Lana Rhoades is also a skilled entrepreneur. The top of the ranking, in the face of over 345 million views received, is unquestionably her.

2) Naturalized American, Mia Khalifa is actually of Lebanese descent (she was born in Beirut on February 10, 1993), although she said goodbye to hard sets in 2016, she still 'travels' today at an average of 269 million views . And if after 4 years her clips are still worth all this interest, obviously Mia really has a lot to show ...

3) 'Florida' not only in appearance, but also by birth (she was born in Loxahatchee on July 9, 1991), 29-year-old Riley Reid , is now back in third place thanks to a fluctuating presence of users on her videos , who see it as one of the most present among the top 10 places. Suffice it to say that, overall, she reached 585 million clicks. 

4) Born in Miami on November 19, 1995, Abella Danger continues her climb to the top undeterred, thanks to a growing interest that in a very short time saw her go from seventh directly to fourth place. 308 million have 'carefully' viewed her performance.

5) Known as Brandi Love , Tracey Lynn Livermore is the star par excellence. In fact, it is enough to take a look at her 'medal table' to understand what levels she is talking about. A strange story that of this girl from Raleigh (March 29, 1973), born rich by her - her grandfather was a famous financier, Jesse Livermore - and became a hard actress 'by passion'. The half of her table belongs entirely to her, also because, after her youth, she transformed herself as a 'milf icon'. And today you can count on over 239 million clicks.

6) If in the very crowded porn industry, dotted with girls of 'unimaginable virtues', he is the only man in sixth position, evidently in the context of the most clicked videos, his presence must certainly not go unnoticed. Angel Munoz, Spanish from Ciudad Real (where he was born on 11 September 1994), became known as Jordi El Nino Polla , after his debut as a youtuber. In a short time, having established himself as a hard demand, he also made his debut as a director.

7) Mia Malkova , born in the USA Melissa Ann Murray (she was born in Palm Springs on July 1st 1992), experienced moments of extraordinary popularity, to the point that a line of sexy toys was also dedicated to her. Over the years, however, the young her, while not disdaining very welcome 'cameos', she seems to be trying to veer towards the world of music. In any case, as we said, for what she 'gave', she is still very clicked today, reaching the seventh place.

8) She is not a pornstar even if, in her youth, exploded as a playboy 'bunny', in the company of a friend, Kim Kardashian let herself go - excessively - in front of a movie camera, and this was enough to launch her throughout the world. Born on 21 October 1980 in Los Angeles, although she - in homage to her father - has always claimed to feel 'proudly Armenian', she is actually a skilled entrepreneur and influencer, an activity that she carries out with her sisters. Such, however, is her 'physical presence' that, very popular (she is in fact in eighth place), she managed to enter the collective imagination as a 'coveted prey'. We dedicate the closing photo to her today .

9) Another 'veteran' of the world of the porn industry, Nicole Aniston (born in San Diego on 9 September 1987), made her debut very young but, to make her an icon, the decision, only 10 years later, to making her first movie with anal sex scenes. You know, in certain circles the 'mind cannot be controlled' and for everyone Nicole has become the actress par excellence. Hence the presence of her in the standings, even if in ninth place.

10) Thanks to a fresh and versatile beauty, she even managed to divide the audience of the genre she plays, between those who prefer her blonde and those who are brunette. Although still young (she was born in Downington on November 1991), Dezarae Kristina Charles, aka Adriana Chechik , has an impressive filmography and numerous awards behind her. But woe to think of her as an actress close to being outclassed by the new generations: from eighteenth place last year, with a couple of films Adriana immediately returned to the top 10!