Swingers: Things You Need to Know

Swingers: Things You Need to Know

When you touch on this topic, you get the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtalking about something incredibly perverse and out of the box. Stuff for the sick, sex fanatics or perverts, the kind who peeked at the porn magazines in some dark corner. Nothing could be more false and far from reality. There are many, millions, in fact, Italians and Italians who, thanks also to swinger chats , have already tried this experience, even more than once in their life and all are decent people, who have a normal life and no cricket for the head. They are mothers and fathers of families who, in mutual respect, consensually decide to exchange with other consenting couples.

The numbers provided by the polls give us a more precise picture of swinging which is no longer seen by most as something practiced by a few and with an open mind and with extreme tendencies, but by most of the populace, even the less educated and ignorant. The Internet has given a big, big hand to couples who have wanted and want to meet new people to have sex with them by swapping wives and husbands or boyfriends and girlfriends.

To find partners who wish to exchange, however, it is not necessary to contact the network. Especially among young people, there are many who calmly affirm this desire and speak clearly, to avoid misunderstandings, about what you want. Of course it is true that swingers sites are no different from any other dating site . What you need to know, however, is that it takes maximum seriousness and to speak frankly, so as to agree in advance with whoever is chatting and make sure that when you arrive at the actual meeting, you already know this. you want, without surprises or, even worse, wasting time.

Through the internet, then, you can search for couples who are in our vicinity, the vicinity where you live, know their tastes, age and much more. It is certainly not unusual to find ads of couples looking for single or single (not necessarily bisexual). These portals are today the darkest, free and usable way to make interesting acquaintances and make them concrete with meetings. Once it was necessary to put ads in porn magazines or necessarily go to private places (which, if you want, you can do it even now).

In the clubs, however, there is the "risk" of not having the material time to understand if the couple in front of us is right for us and often, to avoid going through bad parties, we opt to give in to flattery of the first arrived just for pure education and because you don't know how to say no, not because you really want to share a similar experience with them. Through the special rooms, then, there is the frequent and tangible risk of meeting someone you know and who can tell about our intimacy. The entrance, especially for individuals, in these places costs a lot, while on the net everything is free or you can subscribe to a site for a few euros.

Fake sites must absolutely be avoided. Relying on the most famous ones where there are contacts with a lot of references and comments, positive or negative, from other users who may have met them. The desire for change, to give a breath of fresh air to the relationship is given by the fact that couples who have been together for a long time often experience sex as a routine. It is common, in fact, that many, if not all, couples who decide to make an exchange and who fill the message boards of the appropriate internet sites, up to people over fifty years old.

Younger couples, aged 35 and under, are rarely encountered. Besides swinging, there is also the sharing of one's partner with a stranger . In fact, there is no shortage of men who want to see their wives having sex with an individual never seen before. The same for women. In fact, the data tell us that usually, one of the two components of the couple participates passively in the sexual act. It means that only two members, one from one couple and one from the other, have sex, while the remaining two just watch and masturbate, or not even that.

This, of course, is not seen as a betrayal. Betrayal is when you do something behind your partner's or partner's back, but in these cases it all happens in the open light of the couples involved. There are people who turn to friends to fulfill their wife's wishes. According to the statistics, this happens mostly in couples under 35, we are talking about seventy percent, the remaining thirty is spread from that age onwards.

But how can you get your other half to trade?

It's very simple: just speak frankly and accept the answer we will be given, be it positive or negative. Don't be pushy and, if asked, let the party involved have time to think carefully about what to do. It may not be an easy choice to make and the decision needs to be thought through properly. Avoid leading a double life. Sooner or later it will be discovered and the marriage, your union will suffer until it is destroyed. With dialogue you can come to discover that your partner has had the same ideas as you for a long time but that he was ashamed to talk about it or was afraid to do so by fearful of your disordered reaction. Thanks to this sincerity and clarity, maybe you will have the chance to save your relationship that has been cornered for some time and which almost necessarily needs to be repainted. Think for both of you and with respect for both of you, without hesitation. It is always better to try new paths than to let the relationship drift away without doing anything, just waiting for it to happen, remaining impassive to watch. The first few times it will not be easy, it is true, it must be recognized, seeing your man in the arms of another, but over time you get used to it and we must not forget that we too will be in the arms of another.

Over time, perhaps, if the affinity is good, the game of four can become complete, leaving no room for opposite sex couples, but this is not mandatory. If it is the first time that we face this world, it is advisable to choose a couple who has a little more experience than us and let them guide us, so as to slowly move towards what can be a dimension of pure pleasure. So what are you waiting for? Do you feel ready for such an experience? Courage, the first step is enough, the rest comes by itself.